Ursa Minor has developed a number of technologies and services with expert partners that are suitable for further commercial and industry exploitation. See below for information on the functionality. If your company or organisation would be interesting in purchasing these products or customised versions of them, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Search and Rescue Test Beacon (SARBE/SAR-TB)

Our Galileo Search and Rescue Test beacon is a highly accurate and versatile user terminal for the emulation of up to 100 individual Cospas Sarsat type marine distress beacons in a single session. Functionality utilising the Galileo RLM is integrated. Read More…

Galileo Search and Rescue Reference Beacon (REFBE)

The Ursa Minor Galileo Search and Rescue Reference Beacon is designed to operate 24/7 with very high accuracy to transmit reference signals to the MEOSAR satellites. Read More…

Phased Array Antenna for Search and Rescue (PAASAR)

PAASAR is a receive antenna for the Cospas-Sarsat MEOSAR system capable of receiving all signals in space without any moving parts. Read More…

Galileo RF Signal Generator

Ursa Minor are in the process of technology transfer of a highly accurate and flexible digital signal generator to a commercial Galileo RF signal generator integrated with other GNSS functionality.

Marine Safety Services

Ursa Minor have developed with separate consortia services for marine safety. The first is a web based drift prediction service, EDD , including the novel use of nowcast weather data for increased accuracy drift predictions. Originally developed in partnership with the Dutch body NIVR (now Space Office), this service is now ready for commercialisation through integration into other marine safety systems or as a stand-alone service.

In addition, the MTTS project , partly funded by the Galileo Supervisory authority led to a demonstrator system that is an integrated application supplying situational awareness information from multiple sources to leisure vessel users and coastguard, as well as providing limited two-way communications between them. While designed to emulate a system-of-systems including space segment hardware, the implemented web application is functional and would be suitable for integration into other services or use as a stand alone product.

Cospas Sarsat marine distress beacons may be purchased here at low prices with fast delivery. Our staff will be happy to advise you on which of our products will meet your needs. Go to the site…