About Us

From the company’s founding in 2002, Ursa Minor has put its customers at the centre of its design and working methodologies in the creation of next-generation user services. Working directly with stakeholders, as well as performing rigorous market research, to develop innovative services is central to the company’s approach to systems engineering, ensuring that solutions not only match but also exceed customer expectations. With the company’s in-house systems engineering methodology having been built on a foundation of state-of-the-art systems engineering techniques, the generation of useful, novel products has become a cornerstone of the company’s portfolio, utilising both existing and custom built infrastructure.

Ursa Minor has been focused on developing and offering products and services that enhance public safety. A primary area of activity has been to enhance the safety of maritime and terrestrial users by providing novel integrated applications using combinations of terrestrial and space based communication and remote sensing systems, considering both existing and planned infrastructure.

The background of Ursa Minor’s staff includes expertise in aerospace engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, business and management. Ursa Minor offers navigation, communication and localisation products and services. It has experience with a variety of customers ranging from coastguard and space agencies to industry and individuals. As well as broad technical expertise, staff background includes both academic and professional experience of future space technology assessment and planning activities.

Ursa Minor has experience in navigation, communication, localization, telecommunications, signal processing, and hardware, firmware and software design. A number of projects related to SAR/Galileo have been another major of work so far with several contracts already successfully completed and others progressing towards completion. Our employees have been involved in the design and development of Galileo since the year 2000.

Ursa Minor would welcome the opportunity to meet and present its business and discuss how Ursa Minor could assist in your activities. Contact us if you are interested through our contact page.

Our Name Explained

Ursa Minor is a constellation of seven stars in the northern sky. It is also known as the Little Bear or Little Dipper. Polaris, or Pole Star, at the end of the Little Dipper’s handle, marks (roughly) the position of the North celestial pole. It has been used for navigation for centuries. In the present times Ursa Minor Space Engineering contributes to the design of modern navigation methods.